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Bradycardia: why the heartbeat is slowed down

We often hear from doctors or read in various sources about violations of the hormonal background. But we do not pay much attention to this problem and we do not fully understand how serious human hormonal disorders can be. Meanwhile, the hormonal background affects not only the general physical and psychological state of health, but also is responsible for reproductive functions. With disorders of the hormonal background, there are health problems for both women and men. Continue reading

Ovary inflammation: how to protect yourself from adnexitis

An inflammatory process that affects the fallopian tubes and ovaries is called adnexitis. Gynecologists note that the disease is fairly common and more and more young women are turning to help with this problem. The main cause of the disease is infection: the process can develop quite long, go to the chronic form, and in the winter at the first supercooling the condition sharply worsens.
Causes of incidence adnexitis Continue reading

Why give a urine test and whether to worry when it is clouded

What do you think, when asking a doctor, does a specialist appoint an urine test? This product of kidney activity contains a substance that has been exhausted by the body and can help identify many health problems. How often a person goes to the toilet, color, smell, density and urine transparency are indicators that contain information about the condition and work of the body. In the cold season often inflammatory processes occur in various organs. If you started to disturb malaise, pain in the lower back, below your abdomen, then pay attention to your urine. Continue reading

Diabetes mellitus: control the disease for the sake of life!
Diabetes mellitus is one of the most important socio-medical problems for Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian Diabetic Federation, every 12th resident of the country is diabetic: and only 50% of…


What is coronary bypass? What diseases does it show?
Aortic coronary bypass, or simply coronary bypass, is an operation aimed at restoring blood flow to large cardiac arteries. Aortic coronary bypass, the arterial data is narrowed due to ischemic…