Bradycardia: why the heartbeat is slowed down
We often hear from doctors or read in various sources about violations of the hormonal background. But we do not pay much attention to this problem and we do not…

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The rules of winter foot care: how to maintain the health of the legs
Winter care for feet and feet is not only wearing warm socks and comfortable shoes. Namely in the winter period, the skin. Including on the legs and feet heavily dries,…

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Cheesy Diet: Pros and Cons

The closer the New Year, the more often there are ideas to throw a few extra pounds. On holidays it would be desirable to wear a beautiful outfit and look more tight and slender. Protein diets have become very popular recently, because this type of relief from overweight in a fairly quick time helps to avoid strong feelings of hunger. Let’s talk today about the curd diet, its pluses and minuses. Continue reading

How to strengthen immunity in winter time of year

Why do some of us spend the whole winter actively and others do not get out of the cold? The whole thing in immunity is the ability of the body to resist infections. Doctors say that the body’s protective forces depend primarily on genetic predisposition and lifestyle, but from the acceptance of various medications and drugs that strengthen immunity – only partially. But it is possible to increase the protective forces of the body with the help of simple recommendations and accessible means. And in winter, during the period of the mass incidence of colds, taking care of their health is the very time. Continue reading

Adenoiditis and Otitis: What is the relationship between health risks?

Adenoiditis is an inflammation of the nasopharyngeal tonsils (adenoids), which have pathologically developed. Most often this disease occurs in preschool children, their maximum size of adenoids can reach the age of 3-7 years. Because of inflammation of adenoids, the child often suffers from other ailments, such as sinusitis, sinusitis, otitis. Inflamed nasopharyngeal tonsils are a chronic infection site, so sometimes they are shown to be removed. Why adenoiditis provokes otitis media? How to deal with a problem?
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What causes bitterness in the mouth: whether it is necessary to go to the doctor
Sometimes even a completely healthy person in his mouth feels a bitter bitterness. This symptom should not be neglected, because the feeling of bitterness in the mouth may indicate problems…


High body temperature: when and how should it be lowered?
Increased body temperature is a symptom of many diseases that people are usually afraid of. However, doctors say that the most dangerous condition is the high temperature, not the actual…