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Loss of hearing: why can heal how to heal?

It happens that a person who has always heard normally has a significant reduction in hearing loss until his loss. It can happen suddenly or gradually and very frightening person. What are the possible causes of the phenomenon, how can the hearing be reversed?
Causes of hearing loss
The most common causes of hearing loss are the following:
Effect of Noise on the Hearing. Through everyday high noise, such as loud listening to music, staying in noisy productions, hearing loss can develop slowly and gradually. But the sudden deterioration of the hearing may occur as a result of very intense noise, for example, due to an explosion.
Man’s age One should not forget about age-related changes that occur with a person, including a gradual deterioration of hearing. It causes changes in the inner ear. Statistics say that every third person aged 65 to 74 gradually loses his hearing. After 75 years of hearing problems, there are already every second person.
Side effect of the use of certain medical products. Some medications can provoke hearing impairment, including antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, and the like.
Diseases that affect the blood supply to the ear. Among them are diabetes, hypertension, otosclerosis (middle ear bone disease).
Accumulation of ear sulfur in the ear that blocks the ear canals. Because of this, hearing deteriorates.
Getting foreign objects in the ear.
Injuries of the head, ears.
Infectious diseases of the auditory organs.
Rupture of the tympanic membrane
What are the symptoms of hearing loss?
If the rumor disappeared dramatically, people will notice it. But it happens that it is lost gradually. Symptoms of hearing problems may include:
The muffled sounds and the feeling that the ears are laid.
Problems with the understanding of what others say, especially in the presence of background noise (for example, music).
The need to watch TV or listen to music is louder and louder.
The sense of what people are saying is fuzzy and unclear.
The appearance of a bell in the ears.
Pain in the ears.
Itching in the ears.
Isolation of fluid from the ears.
How to deal with hearing loss?
Every person who has faced this problem hopes that it is temporary and hearing will come back. This is likely, but for this purpose it is necessary to undergo competent diagnostics and treatment.

Loss of hearing is diagnosed by an otolaryngologist. He must conduct a patient survey, an eye examination using otoscope. It may also be necessary to conduct an audio procedure.

If hearing problems have arisen due to excessive noise or age-related effects on humans, hearing aids will probably be needed to get a good hearing. There are a lot of them now, they are small in size and sound pretty good. The doctor will help you to choose the necessary device. You can also install a special implant surgically. Operation can help improve hearing loss lost by otosclerosis, some ear infections.

In many cases, the return of hearing will help eliminate the factor that provoked his loss. This can be the removal of auricles, treatment of infection, and the like. It often happens that after effective treatment the hearing returns.

Complete or partial loss of hearing can have quite a variety of reasons. In order to overcome the problem, one has to figure out why it originated, which provoked it. Sometimes the ears return, but sometimes it can not be restored. In this case, you must learn to live with it and adapt to the new conditions as much as possible with the help of a hearing aid or other possibilities of modern medicine.

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