That everyone should know about HIV infection: how to avoid infection

Each year the world community marks the World AIDS Day on December 1. AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is the last stage of HIV – a human immunodeficiency virus that ends with a patient’s death. Unfortunately, the problem of HIV incidence is not only medical but also a social problem that can affect everyone. Indeed, every year in Ukraine among the people who have been screened for HIV in 1% of people, a positive result is confirmed. Last year, according to the statistics of the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health, the incidence of HIV again began to increase.
HIV: what’s going on in Ukraine
Ukraine, unfortunately, has a leading position on the incidence of HIV / AIDS in Europe. Therefore, every resident of the country should know what is the disease, how it is transmitted and not transmitted, which methods of HIV prevention. The opinion that only unsuccessful people suffer from HIV infection, mostly drug addicts – erroneous. It is the sexual transmission of infection, as doctors note, has become the main cause of the spread of the disease.

Whether you are protected during sex, what do you know about your partner and his previous partners, how often do you agree to have sex with unfamiliar partners and do not use condoms under the influence of alcohol? If you recalled that at least once you were engaged in sex without a condom with a person about whom you know little (or do not know anything), then you should be screened for HIV infection. Because the virus can live in the body for years and do not show itself. In the meantime, a person infected with HIV does not only endanger the health of his partners, but also gradually loses the protective forces of the body, slowly approaching his own death.

The highest incidence rate of HIV infection has been noted in Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Nikolaev, Odessa oblasts and in the capital. Now Ministry of Health has for the first time increased funding for a program to fight the HIV epidemic. Today we are urged to be tolerant and tolerant to people living with HIV and try to find out as much information as possible about this disease to protect their health.
HIV and AIDS: what is the difference and how the infection is transmitted
HIV is caused by one of the retroviruses and affects the immune system. The human body is not able to resist any infection, weakens, and in the absence of antiretroviral treatment, the disease quickly goes into AIDS. This is the terminal stage of the disease, in which a person dies from several developed diseases. Most often it is a complex of problems – cancer processes, diseases caused by bacteria or fungi, skin diseases, etc.

HIV transmission is a sexual (sexual) act, a vertical one (from a sick mother to a future child) and parenterally, with blood transfusions or the use of the same injection syringe. Infection with HIV infection occurs when an infected biological fluid passes into the bloodstream or mucous membranes. But in order to become infected, the concentration of the retrovirus should be maximal. Therefore, the risk of contracting a HIV infection by a dentist, in the application of a tattoo or in a manicure salon, is theoretically available, but it is not as high as it is said. Early diagnosis of HIV infection and timely initiated therapy allow a sick person to live for many years (up to 20 years or more) a full-fledged life.

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