Chronic lung disease: the risk of winter complications

Chronic lung diseases develop under the influence of many factors. There is an entire group of pulmonary diseases, which are combined in the abbreviation COPD – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This is chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial asthma, etc. In the cold season, when there is an increased risk of overcooling and infection with viral respiratory diseases, people with lung diseases should be even more attentive to their health.
Which symptoms should be alert
Unfortunately, some people suffer from respiratory problems for years, but do not go to the doctor. The fact that you can only guess about your illness does not mean that the disease will go by itself. Therefore, note some of the following symptoms:
chronic cough
Shortness of breath, which is getting stronger
Sputum excretion with cough although you are not cold
weight loss
anemia (anemia) – according to blood test results
insomnia and sleep disorders
depressive state.
If you, in addition, a smoker with experience, then you fall into the group of risk of developing COPD. This is not “a regular smoker’s cough”, as some convinced. This is an inflammatory airway disease, in which the narrowing of the bronchi occurs and the accumulation of mucus in them. If such a condition is not treated, and even more exposed to the lungs and bronchi by the effect of cigarette smoke, the damage in the respiratory tract becomes irreversible and may end with a disability, even death.
Which factors lead to deterioration of the condition
Cold diseases are a real “scourge” for people with asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc. Colds or ARIs significantly worsen the course of the disease and lead to their exacerbations. Therefore, it is important to strengthen its immunity in anticipation of the epidemic of influenza and SARS. Do not neglect an additional visit to your attending physician if your condition worsens. In winter, it is important to eat well enough, have a rest. Perhaps the doctor will recommend vitamin complexes or in a number of diseases (in the absence of an allergic reaction and other contraindications), stimulating immunity can be shown herbal remedies – echinacea, zen-stena root, rhodiola, etc.

In addition to viruses and cold, to provoke an exacerbation of diseases of the lungs can be banal things in your eyes: a glass of drinking cold water, a sharp temperature drop when returning from the street to the apartment, excessive physical activity. Therefore, the regime of their physical activity in winter should also be corrected with the doctor. But calm walking on foot with good weather (no wind, rain or severe frost) can be recommended.
Take care of your health and do not practice self-healing
People with COPD can experience psychological discomfort because of their condition because they are constantly forced to take medication, limit themselves in a number of moments – it can be diet, sports, trips to places with inappropriate climate, etc. To avoid falling into depression, feel free to contact psychologists or contact the same people. Increasingly, in cities (especially large ones) or on the Internet, groups and sites are supported for people with COPD, asthma schools, etc. where one can support each other or seek help.

If it’s better for you, do not drop your doctor’s appointment, or vice versa – do not take medications yourself (especially antibiotics) if you have a cold. Because only a specialist can correctly calculate the dose of the drug and choose the right medicine to cure, and not to harm.

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