The secrets of winter skin care: how to protect yourself from frost?

The cold season is a real stress for our skin due to severe weather conditions, temperature variations and indoor heating. However, dermatologists and cosmetologists claim: and in winter you can look great, just have to know how to care for the skin at this time, and not be lazy. What do you need to know about winter skin care?
Rules for skin care in winter
Start the consideration of this topic from the process of washing. About cute, foams and lotions that contain alcohol, it is better to forget it yet. Normal running water may also not be the best option, after it the skin is somewhat “stuck”. In winter, it is best to cleanse the skin with a special cosmetic milk, soft tonic or lotion that does not contain alcohol. This will save her from excessive dryness.

Moisturizing creams are better to use in the evening, about an hour before bedtime. The most optimal is the application of the cream immediately after the water procedures, on the damp skin. Before leaving the house, the cream should be applied at least an hour, otherwise it will be more harm than good.

The main rules for skin care in the winter are the following:
Moisturizing cream should contain vitamin E and necessarily vitamin D, which is so lacking in winter skin.
You should choose a cream with vitamin K, if there is a tendency to the formation of vascular stars.
If the air temperature is below 0 ° C, it is better not to use dry makeup for makeup. For this purpose, a greasy tonic cream, cream-like shadows for the eyelids can approach.
If the skin is very dry, you can add a little moisturizer to the tonic cream, mixing the resulting mixture thoroughly and applying it to your face for half an hour before leaving the house.
Do not swim in hot water, it will further dry the skin.
It is not necessary to rub the body after a shower with a rigid towel, it is better to gently wet the skin. A bath towel and face towel should be soft, pleasant to the touch.
You need to drink a lot of water, it will help to moisturize the skin, normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands.
It is recommended in the winter to humidify the air indoors using a special device.
You can use thermal water to moisturize the skin throughout the day. It is sold in special compact cartridges, which can easily fit in a purse. Thermal water can be sprayed even from the top of the makeup.
How to protect the skin from aging in the cold?
Depending on a particular type of skin, it can vary the effects of cold air and wind. If faces and hands look pale in the winter, they are dry, scaly and have an unhealthy look, cosmetic products that contain plant extracts, cedar oil, jojoba oil can come in handy.

One should not forget about face masks in the cold season. They should nourish the skin and saturate it with vitamins. It is better to make a mask 1-2 times a week, an hour before bedtime, immediately after application of the cream. If the skin is dry, they should contain fats. For oily skin masks with astringent and anti-inflammatory substances are suitable: with an extract of tea tree, needles, birch buds, cucumber, lavender, rosemary, propolis.

Although winter – and a difficult period for the skin, to any weather conditions can be adapted. To do this, you should know the simple secrets of skin care and skillfully use them. And then it will shine with health and beauty.

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