Cheesy Diet: Pros and Cons

The closer the New Year, the more often there are ideas to throw a few extra pounds. On holidays it would be desirable to wear a beautiful outfit and look more tight and slender. Protein diets have become very popular recently, because this type of relief from overweight in a fairly quick time helps to avoid strong feelings of hunger. Let’s talk today about the curd diet, its pluses and minuses.
Why cheesy diet?
Nutritionists point out cottage cheese as the most “vitamin” dairy product: it contains a lot of nutrients. Cheese is obtained due to milk powder and is indicated for many diseases – peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, high blood pressure, liver disease, heart, etc. Therefore, it is possible not only completely healthy people to lose superfluous kilograms on cottage cheese.

Curd is well tolerated and absorbed by the body, therefore it is a very suitable product for dietary nutrition for the purpose of weight correction. To allow the cavity to satisfy the daily rate of protein intake, it is enough to eat 300 grams of cottage cheese a day. For a permanent menu to use such a quantity of product not everyone can come up, and for a temporary diet – it is quite suitable. Protein or protein is a building block of cells and tissues, which makes it easy to combine cottage cheese with other dietary foods, so that getting rid of extra pounds is not too boring and not diverse.
What are the beneficial substances rich in cottage cheese
The most important component of cottage cheese is a milk protein that contains amino acids and is absorbed better than meat proteins. Also in cottage cheese contains such substances essential for a full-fledged work of the body as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, vitamins B, vitamin A, B, etc. When choosing cottage cheese for a diet, pay attention to its homogeneity, the color of cottage cheese may range from white to milk, in the smell and taste there should be no sourness.

For a diet it is recommended low-fat cottage cheese: that is, no fat-free product at all. The content of less than 3% of fat means that the product is not fat, 9% is bulky and the content of more than 15% means that the cottage cheese is fat. In cottage cheese curds, cottage cheese forms the basis of a diet, and along with cottage cheese, vegetables, fruits and lean meats are used. For example, the first day of a diet is 200 grams of cottage cheese with fruit for breakfast, steamed or baked vegetables for lunch and lean beef with vegetable salad for dinner. A detailed diet menu and proportions of consumed products will help you to choose a nutritionist.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of cottage cheese diet
The chewing diet is suitable as an option for short-term unloading, with which it is possible to bring about normal metabolism, to purify the body, to normalize the exchange of fatty acids and to affect fatty deposits. With cottage cheese, as with other protein diets, it is possible to avoid feeling hungry. But with the observance of cottage cheese diet it is necessary to observe the drinking regime, since the slag is actively removed from the body and fat stores fall apart. If you want to lose weight with a cottage cheese diet, do not forget that curd diet is a protein mono diet.

The more cocoa is trying to diversify with other products, the less effect can be from such a diet. A strict diet on cottage cheese with a minimum amount of additional products is allowed not longer than 5-7 days. Otherwise, metabolic processes in the body are distorted so much that they are difficult to correct, which is dangerous for the development of irreversible processes. Therefore, the curd diet for 2 and a half a week must be supplemented by other products: the effect of getting rid of extra pounds will be slower, but so you will lose weight with benefit, and not with harm to the body.

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