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Adenoiditis and Otitis: What is the relationship between health risks?

Adenoiditis is an inflammation of the nasopharyngeal tonsils (adenoids), which have pathologically developed. Most often this disease occurs in preschool children, their maximum size of adenoids can reach the age of 3-7 years. Because of inflammation of adenoids, the child often suffers from other ailments, such as sinusitis, sinusitis, otitis. Inflamed nasopharyngeal tonsils are a chronic infection site, so sometimes they are shown to be removed. Why adenoiditis provokes otitis media? How to deal with a problem?
Adenoids and otitis media
Inflammation of adenoids is 3 degrees:
When adenoids close to about a third of the space of the nasopharynx. In this case, medication is recommended.
When adenoids close two thirds of the nasopharynx. Deletion may be shown, the doctor solves this issue with the parents individually, on a case-by-case basis.
When the nasopharynx is practically completely blocked by adenoids. Then their surgical removal is shown.
At 2 and 3 degrees of adenoiditis, a child is often forced to breathe in his mouth, and may have various complications, such as, for example, otitis media.

Otitis is an inflammation of the middle ear, which may be accompanied by hearing impairment, severe pain, fever, purulent discharge from the ear. Often otitis has a bacterial origin of origin, therefore, requires treatment with antibiotics.

Why otitis often arises precisely because of inflammation of adenoids? Because the chronic inflammatory process in the nasopharynx begins to gradually spread to nearby organs, one of which is the ear. The development of otitis with adenoids of the 2nd and 3rd degree is caused by lymphatic tissue, which grows up and reaches large sizes and overlaps the auditory tube. The result is an inflammatory process, hearing impairment, manure and the like.
Symptoms of otitis media
The following symptoms may be indicative of inflammation of the ear:
Periodic pain in the ear, which is particularly common at night. The ear can be very painful, like “shoots”, which is actually unbearable for a child.
Pain when pushed to the ear.
Increase in body temperature, but not always.
Weakness, lethargy, general morbid condition.
Purulent discharge from the ear (not always).
Together with inflamed adenoids, otitis media usually occurs quite hard. The child may have a sharp and significant increase in body temperature, vomiting is likely, purulent discharge from the ear. Also to the given symptoms on the background of adenoiditis is often added severe cold, nasal congestion.

Otitis is a rather severe illness, one of the consequences of improper treatment of which is violation and even hearing loss. Therefore, you can not delay, it is better to seek medical assistance in a timely manner.

Both otitis and inflammation of adenoids are treated by an otolaryngologist. If a child often suffers from acute respiratory infections, sleeps and often goes with an open mouth, snores into sleep, it’s likely that her adenoids have been inflamed. In the presence of such symptoms, it is advisable to refer to ENT, which will determine the degree of development of adenoiditis and recommend either conservative or surgical treatment. In any case, you can not leave the problem to the end, otherwise the child will suffer not only otitis, but also other respiratory diseases. Due to the constant absence of nasal breathing, it will develop the so-called “adenoid face”, it will be elongated throughout its life, and the mouth will be chronically semi-open. Therefore, timely and adequate treatment of adenoid inflammation is the best prevention of its possible complications, including otitis media.

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