Why does the skin and fingernails run dry: the causes of paresthesia

Violation of sensitivity, in which a person feels the numbness of the body and ants on the skin, is familiar to many. Sometimes this is a temporary phenomenon, with frequent repetitions of such violations should consult a doctor. Such vivid symptoms can be paresthesia – a neurological disorder, the causes of which can be both physiological, and talk about the pathology.
Parestesia: what is it and why it arises
Paresthesia is called not an independent disease, but a secondary condition that develops in the face of any deviation from health or illness. Paresthesia symptoms are manifested as a reaction to damage to the nerve endings or roots. There, where impulses pass through damaged fibers and unpleasant sensations appear. Paresthesia worries precisely when the sensitivity of the nerve fibers is violated, and not when the skin perception of various irritants decreases. Yes, paresthesia can occur on the background:
osteochondrosis, injuries of the nerves and spinal cord. Most often, the nerve roots of the cervical and thoracic spine are squeezed
diseases of a neurotic nature
disorders in the work of the heart and vessels (with hypertension, atherosclerosis, etc.)
high blood sugar levels – often paresthesia occurs with diabetes
deficiency of vitamins – hypovitaminosis
endocrine diseases
tumors – benign and malignant
prolonged squeezing, long medication taking.
Localization of paresthesias and peculiarities of their manifestation
Apart from the numbness of parts of the body and ant, paresthesia can also be manifested by numbness of the mucous membranes, a feeling of cold in the legs, occasionally a rash on the skin and itching. Most often, unpleasant sensations appear in the legs and arms, in the neck, on the head and in the mucous membranes of the tongue and oral cavity.
At problems with blood circulation, as well as intoxication of the body (including alcohol and drugs) paresthesia is more often shown in the legs.

With inflammation of the cervical muscles, osteochondrosis, disturbances of the blood circulation of the brain, vitamin deficiencies, unpleasant sensations appear in the hands. Neuralgia of the facial nerve and heart problems are displayed with unpleasant sensations in the head area. A paresthesia in the tongue and the mucous membrane of the mouth is a rather frequent phenomenon after dental manipulation. Also, the feeling of numbness in the mouth and tongue may be disturbed in diseases of digestive organs, endocrine problems, diseases of ENT organs.
Diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of paresthesia
The expert will help to determine the exact diagnosis and to find the reason for the occurrence of unpleasant sensations: first you can turn to the therapist or immediately to the neurologist, then you may need help from other specialists. The doctor will initially inquire in detail about your habits, the way of life, the diseases transmitted, and check the reflexes. Then it is important to undergo a number of diagnostic procedures: it can be ECG of the heart and ultrasound, MRI of the brain and spinal cord, blood test, X-ray of the spine, etc. Treatment of paresthesia will depend on its causes: it is a diet and refusal of alcohol, medical treatment, vitamins, physiotherapy , use of warming ointments, etc.

In order to avoid the development of paresthesias, it is important to treat all emerging illnesses in a timely manner and prevent them from becoming chronic. With hypertension and diabetes, do not forget to constantly monitor blood pressure and blood glucose levels. The guarantee of health in general – physical activity, rational nutrition, full rest and the absence of bad habits.

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