Walk for health: the mode of children’s walks in the off-season

Outdoor walks are a daily ritual for a child to whom the weather should not be a hindrance. It is clear that in the pouring rain, a blizzard or a frost – 20 out of walks should be abstained both children and adults. However, often parents, because of ignorance or extreme vigilance, deprive the kids of the outdoor activities that are so necessary to him. It is possible and it is necessary to use for walks, even slyakotnye offseason, it is important only to properly dress the child and organize the process of walking.
How to dress a child: the main mistakes of parents
In children, the metabolism is faster than in adults. Therefore, the kids produce more heat per unit time. If you’re cool, it does not mean that the baby is also cold. Where the adult feels fine, the baby is warm, and where the warmth of the adult – the baby is already hot. In most cases, as noted by pediatricians, the child catches himself from excessive sweating due to excessive clothing, and not from overcooling. Children’s clothing should be multifunctional: the child should be comfortable running, jumping, turning and getting up if he falls. Walking with children is an active rest, not sitting on a bench, when a baby can even be overcooled, even wrapped in “three fur coats”.

For baby walks it is important to choose the right stroller: modern wheelchair manufacturers have provided special covers that will protect the baby from moisture. Toddlers, especially newborns, can not, by their age, be so active as children after a year. But “packing” a newborn in a hundred clothes is also wrong, dress it in the weather, taking into account the main rule – he should have the opportunity to move the handles and legs. For a walk with the newborn you can take toys, for example, rattles that will entertain the child, make him move.
How to walk after an illness and why a scarf on a nose is dangerous
Autumn – the season of colds and children are sick very often. If the acute period of the disease in the child has passed, he goes to the correction, there is no temperature – then the walks will go for him to benefit. Even if the child still coughs, but already feels good, the appetite is restored, then the walks will help dry cough quickly move to wet, and moist – to end. If the baby has recently been ill and still coughing, then it is not necessary to go out to the street at a temperature below – 5 degrees, strong wind, rain, etc. For a healthy walks after a cold, the wet foggy weather without wind is most suitable.

A special moment is the scarf tied over the nose and mouth. Such a desire to warm the child leads to the fact that he becomes ill even faster. When breathing on the surface of the scarf there is formed a condensate which becomes a real seedling of microorganisms: all this “cocktail”, and not fresh air, as a result breathe the child.
Do not forget to protect the skin of the baby and keep an eye on his health
How many walks will show the well-being of the child. Neither of these, the child can not freeze or overheat: if the baby walked calmly, rather than jumped or ran and began to complain about thirst, then this is the first signal that he is overheating. If there are no complaints, then you can walk calmly. With the newborns (if the baby is overweight and weighs more than 3 kg) you should start walking for 5-10 minutes, increasing daily walks to one and a half hours. Do not forget that in the negative temperature or in windy weather the skin of a child should be protected by a protective child cream. If the baby was coughed (and at home there was no cough, the baby was absolutely healthy) then do not be afraid: in the street, the child mucus, accumulated in the lungs, goes away.

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