What causes bitterness in the mouth: whether it is necessary to go to the doctor

Sometimes even a completely healthy person in his mouth feels a bitter bitterness. This symptom should not be neglected, because the feeling of bitterness in the mouth may indicate problems in the digestive system. Burning in the mouth also occurs in a number of other conditions and diseases. In any case, this is a problem whose cause should be clarified sooner.
The main reason – problems with the liver and gall bladder
The taste of bitterness in the mouth is often caused by the ingestion of bile in the digestive tract in case of a malfunction of the gall bladder and liver. These organs are closely interconnected with the intestines and the stomach, and the stomach is with the esophagus. The bile is produced by the liver and through the bile ducts it enters the gallbladder, where it is collected and enters the 12th rectum as needed. In case of malfunctioning of the liver or gallbladder, blockage of bile ducts with stones, disruption of the motility of the bile ducts, etc. the process of bile duct is broken and bile drops into the esophagus may occur.

In addition to bitterness, which mainly disturbs in the morning or after eating, people may be disturbed by nausea, stinginess, bad appetite, heartburn, heaviness in the area of ​​the liver (the right hypochondrium), mouth odor. Eli inflamed the gallbladder (cholecystitis) in addition to bitterness in the mouth, it bother pain in the right hypochondrium, dryness in the mouth, body temperature may rise, sometimes vomiting with an admixture of bile is opened.
When bitterness in the mouth is not associated with the liver
In addition to problems with the liver and disorders of bile flow, bitterness in the mouth can be caused by a number of factors:
diseases of the oral cavity, inflammatory processes in the gums, tongue, mucous membrane, disorders of the innervation of the tongue. Also, the flavor of bitterness may appear when teeth are prosthetic, seals are installed, etc.
diseases of the stomach: dyspepsia, reflux disease, gastritis, etc.
endocrine disorders
diabetes mellitus
taking medication
long smoking
age-related changes (in the elderly).
How to remove bitterness in the mouth: which doctor will help?
If it has become bothered with bitterness in the mouth, then first of all it is important to find the cause. Only a specialist can do this: with bitterness in his mouth you can go to the gastroenterologist or to the therapist. The doctor will appoint a series of examinations and. if the problem is not related to digestive organs – will be directed to a specialist. The diet will help ease the condition: it is better to remove fatty, fried, sharp and salty food, pastries, fatty meat, tea and coffee can be replaced with broths of wild rose, deer.

It cleans the intestine well and improves the function of the gallbladder of flaxseed and flaxseed oil: they can be added to salads. And to quickly remove bitterness in the mouth will help cinnamon and cloves, it is necessary only to bite them the smallest. However, such folk methods will not help solve the main problem, so do not delay the visit to a specialist!

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