Acute toothache: what can and should not be done

Many of us are afraid of dentistry and go to the doctor when he “bakes up”. Often acute toothache occurs at night when there is no possibility to seek help from a specialist. Dentistry is constantly warning us about the importance of preventive screening for the timely detection of caries and other problems with teeth that can lead to acute pain. But we do not always follow the advice of specialists. So let’s figure out what factors can lead to acute toothache and what to do.
Why can abruptly begin to hurt a tooth
Toothache occurs when irritation of the tooth nerve. Spong pain can be damaged hard tooth or pulp cocks, trauma, excessive sensitivity of teeth (hyperesthesia), etc. A tooth can begin to get sick during an inflammatory process in periodontium – a complex of tissues surrounding the tooth, sinus sinus, facial nerve. Acute toothache is a signal that the inflammatory process or other problem in the tooth did not appear yesterday.

The fact is that dentin, enamel and hard tissues of the tooth have no nerve endings and are damaged by a caries or injured tooth in which there is an inflammatory process. It can not disturb a person for a long time. But as soon as the process reaches the pulp, which contains vessels and nerve fibers, a toothache immediately appears. The closer to it the damaged tissues – the sharper pain sensations. Therefore, it is important to visit the dentist 2 times a year in order to detect caries or other pathology on time, and cure it until the disease is started. It also saves you money, because the treatment of chronic, running processes requires more cost than eliminating a small hole in the tooth.
What to do if the tooth is badly ill
The correct action is to immediately seek help from a dentist. Not always, as stated above, the reason may be precisely in the running caries. Any self-treatment methods will only give a temporary effect and delay your visit to a specialist. In addition, self-medication can be harmed. After all, you do not know the true cause of acute toothache. If it is not possible to contact a specialist immediately, then pain relief and temporary relief of the condition will help analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Never heat your cheek or tooth yourself – this can lead to an even greater spread of the inflammatory process and exacerbate the situation. Also, do not take antibiotics without the appointment of a doctor: your task is to take off the pain and to go for medical help as soon as possible. Even if the tooth ceases to be ill or the pain becomes tolerable: the problem has not disappeared in and of itself and can be complicated by the development of abscess (ulcer), purulent mediastinitis (inflammation of the mediastinum), lymphadenitis – inflammatory disease of the lymph nodes, etc. These conditions are life-threatening.
How to remove toothache folk methods
Until you contact a dentist, remove toothache and relieve your condition will help folk recipes. Reduce toothache help:
a piece of peeled garlic attached to the diseased tooth
solution of soda / salt and iodine for rinsing the oral cavity. 1 \ 3 teaspoonful of soda or salt per glass (200 ml) of warm water, plus 3-5 drops of iodine
a piece of fleece dipped in a tincture of propolis, calendula, valocorin, corvalolum, which should be applied to the diseased tooth
rinse mouth with decoction of chamomile, sage, oak bark, St. John’s wort
a piece of aloe or raw beet applied to the tooth.

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