Stomatitis: illness of dirty hands, or a sign of weak immunity?

Stomatitis is a rather common disease of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, which affects not only children but also adults. And though in society it is commonly believed that stomatitis is a disease of dirty hands, in reality it is not quite so. Personal hygiene problems are just one of the many factors that can affect the development of the disease.
Possible causes of stomatitis
Stomatitis is often found far, statistics say that from time to time it affects about 20% of people in the world. Most often it is children and pregnant women, but adults can not avoid this disease. It is manifested by ulcers in the mouth, which disappear after 4-14 days after appearance. There are people who are chronically suffering from stomatitis. What are the reasons for its occurrence?

Doctors say that stomatitis is a reaction of the human immune system to certain external irritants. Most often it happens in patients with gastrointestinal ailments, in worms, and indeed in those who do not follow the hygiene of the oral cavity and cleanness of hands that fall into the mouth.

The factors that most often cause stomatitis are the following:
Toothpastes containing lauric sodium sulfate. This substance dehydrates the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, which makes it vulnerable to injury, of food acids. Studies have been carried out that showed that after the start of tooth-paste use without sodium lauric sulfate, the experiment began with an 81% reduction in stomatitis. So before choosing a toothpaste, it is worth paying attention to its composition.

Mechanical damage to the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Often, stomatitis occurs after a soft tissue of a company bites a person, slicks on an acute tooth or unsafe seal, damages a bone of fish, etc. Dentures may be incorrectly installed or inadequately made to form the wounds in the mouth.

Stress. Stomatitis often occurs as a reaction of the body to strong emotional stress.

Gaps in nutrition. An inadequately balanced diet can lead to stomatitis. Most often, this disease is provoked by the deficiency of vitamins B, vitamin A, C, as well as the lack of such trace elements as iron, zinc.

Allergic reaction. Stomatitis can be a manifestation of an allergic reaction of an organism to a certain stimulus that is in contact with the tissues of the mouth. It can be both food and toothpaste, chewing gum, medicines.

Hormonal changes in the body. Some women notice that their stomatitis appears only in a certain phase of the menstrual cycle. In addition, stomatitis is quite typical during pregnancy, therefore doctors associate its occurrence with certain changes in the hormonal background.

Hereditary predisposition. Some studies have shown a genetic predisposition to the development of stomatitis.

Bad hygiene of the mouth and the effect of bacteria on the oral cavity. It is not yet fully proved whether bacteria in the mouth provoke the appearance of stomatitis, but it is absolutely clear that they complicate the course of the disease. Therefore, the issue of hygiene of the oral cavity occupies such an important place.

Oncological diseases. Chronic stomatitis may be a sign of a malignant tumor in the neck, nose or throat. Therefore, the patient should be screened to exclude such a possibility.

Also, stomatitis may occur due to side effects of certain drugs, in particular from chemotherapy, and from alcohol abuse, smoking, dehydration through diarrhea, vomiting.

Consequently, stomatitis is not only a disease of dirty hands. If it is chronic, it indicates that immunity and the body are not all right. This may be a sign of gastrointestinal disease, an immune system, allergies, hormonal disorders, and the like. In any case, stomatitis, which occurs several times a year, requires a thorough analysis of the situation and the fight against the problem that provokes it, and not only symptoms.

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