The effects of a cold or how dangerous is the frontitis

The inflammatory process in the paranasal frontal sinuses is called the frontitis. These diseases are one of the forms of sinusitis and much more dangerous than other types of diseases, including those known to all genital herpes. The frontitis can develop after an ill treatment of a cold, an ARVI, an illness often from an acute form passes into a chronic one and the person ceases to pay attention to a number of symptoms. And this condition is dangerously serious complications, up to the fatal outcome.
Why is inflammation in the frontal lobes?
Inflammation in the frontal paranasal sinuses begins with the entry of viruses and bacteria in them. In the normal operation of the nasal passages, microbes are neutralized in the nasal cavity, however, a number of conditions, including rhinitis, reduced immunity, curvature of the nasal septum, etc. contribute to the deeper penetration of bacteria into the paranasal sinuses and from there into the frontal sinuses.

The sinuses are connected to the nasal special channels: yes, with the initial inflammatory process, the mucous membrane of the nasal sinuses inflames, swells and blushes. This contributes to the narrowing of the already narrow channels, and the mucus produced in the frontal axes can not escape through the nose and becomes an ideal medium for the formation of bacteria. Most often, the frontitis develops after:
acute and chronic rhinitis (runny nose)
SARS, flu and other respiratory diseases
head injuries in the nose area
frequent supercooling plus curvature of the nasal septum
polyps, adenoids, getting into the nose of small objects.
What is the danger of a frontitis: symptoms and complications of the disease
If it is not time to start treating the frontitis, then purulent clusters can penetrate the structure of the bone. The inflammatory process, which is left to the limb, can lead to a decrease and complete loss of smell, reduce visual acuity, lead to the formation of polyps in the frontal sinus, etc. Also, the untreated frontitis is fraught with venous wall damage (phlebitis), abscesses, meningitis (inflammation of the spinal cord and the brain). Not to mention the risk of penetration of bacteria into the bloodstream and the development of sepsis – a blood infection. It is possible to suspect a frontitis on the following signs:
headaches and dizziness
swelling and swelling of the eyelids, supravorous arches
inflammatory processes in the eyes
reduction of smell
weakness, fast fatigability
nasal discharge, often greenish or yellow
a cough that does not pass even after the use of special medication.
Treatment and prevention of frontitis
Treatment of the frontitis without professional assistance can lead to even more sad consequences. It is very important to properly treat the frontitis in the acute form of the disease, then the therapy will be successful and manage to avoid the transition of the state to a chronic form. Therapy of frontitis is a whole set of procedures: antibacterial therapy, nasal washing, the use of sprays and anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. It all depends on the form of the disease.
In order to avoid the disease by the frontitis, it is important to avoid overcooling, to strengthen the immunity, to treat the cold in a timely manner, and to prevent acute respiratory infections, especially rhinitis. If you have the above mentioned symptoms, do not practice self-healing and seek medical attention! It is also important to respond in a timely manner to any problems in the body and prevent their transition to chronic conditions: from carious tooth to gastritis. All “small sores”, stresses, unhealthy lifestyle undermine the protective forces of the body.

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