Use of a sauna and a bath: to improve, not to harm

With hot steam and dry air, you can heal and relieve stress. Sauna or bath will help to strengthen immunity, to remove slags from the body, etc. In general, with the onset of colds, the sauna becomes a favorite vacation spot for many of us. It is important only to know the rules of using the sauna, as well as contraindications to such procedures.
What is the use of saunas and baths
The sharp temperature difference has long been used for recreational purposes. An important fact: being in the sauna you need so much that you can well warm the body and sweat. When exposed to high temperatures, white blood cells – white blood cells – begin to be actively developed. It is they who help the immune system to fight viruses, bacteria, toxins, etc. The sauna will help improve the functioning of the internal organs and systems: endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, relieve fatigue and stress, improve brain function.

Also, the sauna is used for rejuvenating purposes: the open pores of the ray absorb various oils, cosmetic masks – white clay, etc. And with the combination of a sauna and therapeutic massage, the health effect will be maximal. However, not everyone can visit a suna or a steam room.
Who does not recommend a sauna and what should not be done at all
After steaming, many like to jump in cold water or in general in the snow. Such a contrast can damage the vessels, therefore, with problems with vessels, varicose veins, etc. such contrasting procedures are contraindicated. In the case of abrupt change in the high temperatures, low expanded vessels are strongly compressed.

Yes, and lovers of swimming in cold water or falling in the snow should be careful, because it is easy to overcool and get sick. It is more effective for therapeutic purposes to swim in cool water before steaming, and then take a shower. In addition to varicose veins, the sauna is not recommended:
pregnant women and women during menstruation
with heart disease and high blood pressure
if the cold is already present, is another inflammation process if the body temperature is higher than 37 degrees
after strong physical activity
with mental disorders
with diabetes
Use the sauna correctly to avoid harm to your health
The most common mistake when visiting the sauna is drinking alcoholic beverages. Not only that, it will reduce the effect to a minimum, the combination of alcohol and heat can cause a heart attack. Also, it is not necessary to turn the sauna into a “dinner”, eat two to three hours before the sauna, and take clean water with you, tea – preferably herbs or green fruits.

Do not forget to cover your hair with a towel or a special hat, so as not to dry them. On the skin, especially if it is dry, apply a moisturizing oil. It is dangerous to stay in the steam room for more than half an hour, and the first event is better at all for 10 minutes. For people with thin skin and minimal fatty deposits, physicians recommend to take short doses for 10-15 minutes, repeating them as necessary. After the sauna, do not forget to dry well and dry your hair, so as not to overcool in the street. Generally, in the presence of any chronic illnesses, visiting the sauna, the time of steam bathing and accompanying procedures (massage therapy, massage with a broom, etc.) should be discussed with the doctor.

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