Premature baby: why the baby has “hurried” and how to care for him

The number of birth premature infants in Ukraine, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, increases annually. For such children, special care is needed: starting with the period of finding a baby in the maternity home or at the perinatal center before taking care of the newborn at home. Today, on November 17, the international community celebrates the International Day of Premature Babies, whose goal is to raise awareness about premature births and their causes, as well as to raise public awareness of the problems of preterm infants and their families.
Why do preterm labor occur?
Premature birth is considered birth of a child after 28 weeks of pregnancy, but before the 39th week. The sick newborn is a child born with a weight of over 1 kg and a height of more than 35 cm. Children with lower rates, unfortunately, are practically not viable. The closer to the end of the pregnancy the baby is born, the higher his viability. The reason for premature birth of a child may be:
women infected with the infection and intoxication of the body
incompatibility of the fetus and mother with blood factors
multiple pregnancy
wrong fetal position
stresses and negative emotions that a woman experiences during pregnancy.
Cases of premature birth have recently become more frequent also due to poor environmental conditions, worsening of women’s health in general – bad habits, malnutrition, hypodynamia, etc. Fortunately, the birth of a premature baby today is not a verdict and modern medicine is able to look after such children.
When the mother and the child discharge and what is important to do at home
While the mother and the preterm infant are in the maternity home, the specialists are watching the child’s condition, and they are carrying out all manipulations. The child is in a cuvée – a specially heated crib-incubator. The baby is in the ward with the same premature babies, and mom comes to the child in the ward. The child will be given a home only when he gains a body weight of not less than 2,2-2,3 kg, learns to suck well and will be able to maintain a body temperature satisfactorily.

At home, parents need to maintain the room temperature at 22-25 ° C. It is especially important not to allow the baby to overcook and control the temperature of the air: neonatologists recommend to hang a thermometer next to the baby’s bed, at a distance of one and a half meters above the floor. But in addition to maintaining the correct temperature in the room, the room in which the child is located should be constantly ventilated. The scheme is an average of 15-20 minutes airing every 3 hours. The child should be taken out of the room to a warm room during the ventilation.
Mode of bathing and walks with a preterm baby
If the baby was born with a weight of less than 1.5 kg, then even with the discharge of home and stabilization of body weight up to 2 kg and above, the first couple of weeks to bathe the baby may not be recommended: coordinate such moments with the pediatrician. Bathing a premature baby is better in the same room where he is located, rather than carrying it in the bathroom. The water temperature should be at least 38 ° С, the first 3 months after the discharge bathing prematurely recommended in boiled water. Keep cold and hot water at your fingertips and watch the indicators of the thermometer, which should be placed in the tray, so that in good time, bring warm water even when the temperature drops to 1 ° C.

After bathing, the baby is wrapped in a flattened warm towel or flannel diaper. Things for a kid in which he is dressed. Always be flattened and warm. Regarding walks with a preterm baby – walking with such a baby can be at an air temperature in the street not lower than 25 ° C, starting with short 15-minute walks and gradually increasing time to 1.5 hours per day.

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