From rhinitis to sinusitis: how not to miss the disease

Each of us at least once became ill with rhinitis (a cold). At the first signs of a mild cold – a cough, a cold, a throat, even without heat, we feel weakness, and our body needs rest and gentle regimen. But in the place of going to bed, we carry rhinitis on the legs, considering this illness serious. As a result, we weaken the protective forces of the body even more and the “banal” rhinitis passes into the sinusitis – an inflammatory process in the paranasal sinuses of the nose (haemorrhoids).
Why are we sick with sinusitis: the causes of the disease
Anemia in most cases develops due to untreated or improperly treated rhinitis, against the background of general supercooling when infectious agents become infected into the nasal cavity weakened by immunity. Also the cause of the development of gyumoritis may be:
running caries, especially in the teeth of the upper jaw
allergic reactions to various irritants
nose injury
anomalies in the structure of the nasopharynx organs
polyps in the nose, adenoids and pharyngeal tonsils in which there is an inflammatory process
violation of the secretion glands.
Many microbes can live in the nasal cavity (especially staphylococci). When overcooling the body or exacerbating another chronic disease, these microbes begin to intensively breed, as the defenses of the body weaken. And if the “my” microbes are joined by viruses or bacteria that the person inhaled with the air, then the risk of getting sick with sinusitis increases. The cause of sinusitis can also be prolonged and incorrect use of vascular drops from a runny nose. As a result, a lot of mucus accumulates in the haemorrhoids, the nose “puts” even more and the contents of the nasal sinuses becomes purulent.
Symptoms of sinusitis: why the temperature does not always rise
Against the background of constant nasal congestion, nasal breath difficulties and nasal voices, headaches begin to appear. With acute sinusitis, body temperature can reach 38 degrees and above. In chronic gyomorrhea, the temperature remains normal or slightly elevated, not more than 37-37.2 degrees. A person feels tiredness, weakness, malaise, loss of appetite, sleep becomes discontinuous due to a difficult nasal breathing, the sense of smell decreases until it is completely lost.

There is also pain and pressure in the nose, which are amplified when you turn the head and slopes. Breathing does not recover, even when using drops from a cold – on the contrary, the situation may worsen. And from the nasal passages, purulent discharge begins to appear.
Treatment and prevention of sinusitis
In order not to get sick with sinusitis, it is important to strengthen the body’s defenses, avoid overcooling and do not start colds. At the first signs of a cold or a cold, you need to start treatment-the most reasonable thing to do is to see a doctor so that the therapy is selected correctly. Timely treatment of concomitant illnesses, which can lead to sinusitis – caries, tonsillitis, etc. And with abnormalities – a curved nasal septum, for example, with surgical correction of the problem is shown at frequently occurring sinusitis.

If the cold is prolonged, and the discharge from the nose from the transparent steel becomes cloudy and purulent, the head and pores become ill, then urgently consult an ENT doctor. Early diagnosis of sinusitis can prevent puncture and rinsing of the sinuses and cure the disease with medication, physiotherapy, special applications with medicinal ointments in the nasal passages, etc. If the sinusitis is ignored, complications may begin with the kidneys, heart, joints, brain.

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