Bradycardia: why the heartbeat is slowed down

We often hear from doctors or read in various sources about violations of the hormonal background. But we do not pay much attention to this problem and we do not fully understand how serious human hormonal disorders can be. Meanwhile, the hormonal background affects not only the general physical and psychological state of health, but also is responsible for reproductive functions. With disorders of the hormonal background, there are health problems for both women and men.
Hormonal disorders in women
Hormonal balance (the equivalent of the presence of female and male hormones in the body) plays a significant role in the life of a woman: in addition to problems with women’s health, excessive amounts of hormones in the body can cause skin problems. For example, an increased amount of male hormones in the female body can provoke the development of a chronic inflammatory process in the sebaceous glands and lead to acne, and lowered levels of testosterone provoke the development of infertility. Often painful and abundant menstruation are associated with hormonal failure, and also hormonal imbalance can affect the course of pregnancy and cause pathological birth. To the disruption of hormonal balance in women lead:
constant stresses
frequent abortions
lack of sleep and rest
gynecological diseases
uncontrolled taking pills to prevent pregnancy
sexually transmitted infections
thyroid gland disease.
Breaches of hormonal background in men
In men, hormonal disorders also lead to problems with the reproductive system. The level of testosterone in men with age is gradually decreasing (annually by 1-1.5% 5%), but the following signs may indicate a sharp decrease in this hormone in the body:
fast fatigue
increased irritability
decrease in physical strength (endurance)
excess weight set
development of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, diabetes.
The development of hormonal failure in men leads to alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, pathological processes in the endocrine glands, infection, tumors, trauma of the sexual glands.
How to suspect the problem and avoid the violations of the hormonal background
To find out if you have or do not have a hormonal imbalance, you must pass the blood test on the concentration of hormones. You can contact your gynecologist, andrologist or urologist. If there is a problem, then to find the true cause of hormonal disorders and to choose the correct treatment can only a specialist.

If in an adolescent and adolescence the irregular menstrual cycle, the occurrence of acne, mood change and fast fatigue are quite regular and pass at the end of puberty, then in adulthood such symptoms indicate hormonal disorders. To avoid this problem, you should follow the simple recommendations of physicians: to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, to avoid stress, to be physically active, to treat emerging diseases in a timely manner. It is important to visit gynecologist or orthodontist (urologist), as well as an endocrinologist (people over 50 years old) for preventive examination at least once a year.

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