Is it possible to catch cold eyes: from barley to conjunctivitis

Eyes, like any other organs, are exposed to the environment that surrounds us. “Cried a throat”, “Cold the ear” – such phrases doctors hear from their patients quite often. And can you catch a cold? The inflammatory process in the eye can be caused by many factors: cold air, dust, bright light. Let’s figure out what else can cause an inflammatory process in the eye during the cold season and what to do with it.
What factors can cause inflammation of the eyes
The eye is an organ composed of different types of tissues, each of which performs its functions. With a “cold” eye, a person can complain about different processes in the eye: in the century (barley), in the vessels of the eye, the eyeball itself (redness, inflammation, tearing), etc. In the irritated mucous membrane of the eye there are ideal conditions for the multiplication of the infected viruses, bacteria or fungi.

The inflammatory process in the eye during the cold season may be closely related to the effects of wind or cold temperatures. Also, the eye may become inflamed when staying on a drain during ventilation of the room, on entering the street with hot or unwell hair, touching the eyes with dirty hands, as well as infection of the eye with coughing and sneezing during the cold or SARS.

What diseases of the eye often occur in the cold
Long-term exposure to cold, sharp winds can cause mechanical damage to the eye. When attaching an infection, the following can occur most often:
conjunctivitis is an inflammatory process in the mucous membrane of the eyeball
Barley is an inflammatory process in the ciliate bulb or the duct of the eyelids
blepharitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the inner surface of the upper eyelid
dacryocystitis – inflammation of the lacrimal canal.
These inflammatory eye diseases can be manifested by the following symptoms:
redness and swelling of the eyelids
itching, soreness and burning sensation in the eye, tearing
sensation in the eye of a homogeneous body
purulent detachment, especially in the morning (clinging eyelashes)
seals and “cones” on centuries
increase of cervical and ears lymph nodes
deterioration of vision.
What to do pi inflammatory process in the eye
In spite of the cause that caused the inflammatory process in the eye, you should contact an ophthalmologist. The specialist will help to identify the “culprit” of the disease and prescribe appropriate treatment. Self-medication in these cases is dangerous, because you can not independently find out whether the virus or bacteria caused an inflammatory process as a consequence of this microtrauma or in general an allergic reaction. Drugs that help with viral infection will not help cope with bacteria – and vice versa. But simply washing eyes with water or broth of herbs will only give a temporary effect, the cause of the disease will not be eliminated, and the process will only be aggravated, leading to an increasing spread of the disease.

Eyewash or lotion from chamomile infusions, calendula, aloe juice can be used as a concomitant, but not basic treatment. To avoid the inflammation of the eyes during cold weather, try not to overcook, stay long in the wind and freeze, do not overexplan your eyes while working on a computer and other gadgets, strengthen the immune system and treat catarrhal infections in a timely manner.

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