Ovary inflammation: how to protect yourself from adnexitis

An inflammatory process that affects the fallopian tubes and ovaries is called adnexitis. Gynecologists note that the disease is fairly common and more and more young women are turning to help with this problem. The main cause of the disease is infection: the process can develop quite long, go to the chronic form, and in the winter at the first supercooling the condition sharply worsens.
Causes of incidence adnexitis
In adnexitis, the inflammatory process occurs in the ovaries and uterine tubes, but in some cases it can spread to the uterus. According to medical statistics, every fourth woman in Ukraine suffers from adnexitis: half of cases of illness go into chronic forms.
The main reason for the development of adnexitis is the infection: the bacteria most often fall into the uterus, and then with unprotected sex.

Many microorganisms that provoke inflammatory processes can be found on the human body, its genital organs, therefore, it’s not just sexually transmitted diseases. Also infection and inflammatory processes in the organs of the abdominal cavity can provoke the development of adnexitis. A supercooling is a factor that contributes to the development of the disease.
Symptoms and complications of adnexitis
The disease often spreads over both uterine tubes, but the inflammatory process is more pronounced in one of them. Therefore, a woman can feel pain only in one part of the body: in this case, the lower abdomen on the left or on the right side. Also, women worry:
unpleasant sensations when urinating
slight increase in temperature (up to 37, 5 degrees), slight chills
prolonged, abundant and painful menstruation
discharge from the vagina
frequent headaches, nausea, general malaise.
If adnexitis is not treated, in addition to the deterioration of general health and irritability, adhesions occur in the fallopian tubes, infertility develops, and pregnancy is often ectopic.
Prevention and treatment of adnexitis
Treatment of adnexitis should be done only by a doctor. Self-medication can end up sadly: a woman who has not passed the examination can not know the type of pathogens of the disease, which medications and what dosage they need. And the “grandmother’s advice” to warm up any stomach can end up even more a spread of an inflammatory process, therefore at a pain at the bottom or from a side of a stomach it is impossible to put a warmer. Also during the treatment of adnexitis it is necessary to refrain from intimate relationships.

It is necessary to strictly adhere to the recommendations of the gynecologist, to bring the course of treatment to the end, otherwise the illness will turn into an even more profound chronic form. During the treatment of adnexitis, it is important to carefully observe intimate hygiene and not to overcooil.
To prevent adnexitis, remember your health and use condoms, especially if you do not have a regular partner, or you do not trust it due to any circumstances.

So you protect yourself from more serious sex infections and venereal diseases. Remember that birth control pills and intrauterine devices only protect against unwanted pregnancy, and not from sexually transmitted infections. Healthy lifestyle, proper diet and sleep and rest, full rest and physical activity will help to strengthen the immunity and reduce the risk of incidence of infectious diseases – including adnexitis.

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