Why give a urine test and whether to worry when it is clouded

What do you think, when asking a doctor, does a specialist appoint an urine test? This product of kidney activity contains a substance that has been exhausted by the body and can help identify many health problems. How often a person goes to the toilet, color, smell, density and urine transparency are indicators that contain information about the condition and work of the body. In the cold season often inflammatory processes occur in various organs. If you started to disturb malaise, pain in the lower back, below your abdomen, then pay attention to your urine.
Why urine becomes muddy
The usual color of urine in a healthy person – from pale yellow to amber. For those who drink a little fluid, the urine is darker in color, but if a person consumes a lot of fluid, then the shade of urine is brighter. The color may vary with the effect of the food and drink consumed, not necessarily darkening or vice versa, too light urine – a sign of the disease. But if the urine became cloudy, with a precipitate and an admixture of flakes, then this is already a sign of the disease.

Often, blurry urine occurs when cystitis – an inflammatory process in the bladder. Women are more likely to have cystitis due to anatomy. And the disease develops in case of overcooling of the infection in the ureters and the bladder due to non-compliance with personal hygiene, unprotected sex, etc. In addition to blurred urine, cystitis is a pain in the lower abdomen, burning and soreness when urinating.
Blurred urine can also with urolithiasis, inflammatory process in the kidneys, with lymphostasis (violation of the outflow of lymph of their tissues).
What to do if the urine is cloudy: which doctor to address
You can first contact your treating family doctor or therapist, as well as a urologist. Further, the expert will establish the true cause of the pathology: in addition to the blurred urine, there can be other symptoms – pain, burning sensation when urinating, increase in body temperature, fatigue, etc. In addition to urine analysis, the doctor will, if necessary, appoint additional studies.

These are ultrasound of the pelvic and abdominal organs, blood test, lymphography, etc. Blurred urine can also be observed in disorders of the liver and tumor processes, diseases of the digestive system, with polycystic ovary, uric discharge from the vagina in gynecological diseases. Therefore, consultation of a gynecologist, a gastroenterologist or other specialists of a narrow profile may also be required.
How to collect urine for analysis
If the doctor has prescribed a general urine test, it is important to collect it correctly. It is important that the urine does not get mucous secretions from the genital organs. Therefore, before collecting urine in a clean container, you should thoroughly wash the genital organs. The urination process should start in the toilet, then continue into a sterile container. It is desirable to finish urination also in the toilet, having collected an average portion of urine.

To carry out collection of urine should be in the morning and immediately afterwards take it to the laboratory of the medical institution. If the urine goes out in the vessel for more than five hours, mineral substances can crystallize in it and a precipitate may appear. It is also undesirable to place the collected urine in the refrigerator, as under the influence of cold it can occur in various processes and changes. After researching the urine in the laboratory, the data of clinical analysis of urine will be entered in a special form. When you visit a specialist the doctor will decipher the results of your analysis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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