What is coronary bypass? What diseases does it show?
Aortic coronary bypass, or simply coronary bypass, is an operation aimed at restoring blood flow to large cardiac arteries. Aortic coronary bypass, the arterial data is narrowed due to ischemic…

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Why does caries appear: how to avoid problems with teeth
Caries becomes one of the most frequent causes of appealing to the dentist. Under the caries of the tooth implies the destruction of the enamel with further damage to the…

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inflammatory process

The effects of a cold or how dangerous is the frontitis

The inflammatory process in the paranasal frontal sinuses is called the frontitis. These diseases are one of the forms of sinusitis and much more dangerous than other types of diseases, including those known to all genital herpes. The frontitis can develop after an ill treatment of a cold, an ARVI, an illness often from an acute form passes into a chronic one and the person ceases to pay attention to a number of symptoms. And this condition is dangerously serious complications, up to the fatal outcome.
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Is it possible to catch cold eyes: from barley to conjunctivitis

Eyes, like any other organs, are exposed to the environment that surrounds us. “Cried a throat”, “Cold the ear” – such phrases doctors hear from their patients quite often. And can you catch a cold? The inflammatory process in the eye can be caused by many factors: cold air, dust, bright light. Let’s figure out what else can cause an inflammatory process in the eye during the cold season and what to do with it. Continue reading

What is dangerous is the chronic inflammation of the tonsils? We treat tonsillitis

If everyone is heard about acute tonsillitis or tonsillitis, then the chronic form of the disease is less important. It is inappropriate, because the focus of a chronic infection in palatine tonsils, unfortunately, is a typical case for millions of people all over the world. Both adults and children are ill with tonsillitis, especially in the season of colds. If the chronic form of inflamed glands, as called tonsils in the common people, is not treated, then you will have to treat the kidneys, joints, heart and not only. Continue reading

How to strengthen immunity in winter time of year
Why do some of us spend the whole winter actively and others do not get out of the cold? The whole thing in immunity is the ability of the body…


Premature baby: why the baby has "hurried" and how to care for him
The number of birth premature infants in Ukraine, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, increases annually. For such children, special care is needed: starting with the period…